14 Common Misconceptions About Search Engine Optimization in Southern Maryland

  1. The Role of Keywords in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    New Search Engine Optimization Companies in Southern Maryland, as well as clients, are confused by the importance of Keywords.  Since Google no longer reads the keyword meta data in the website’s source code newbies often believe keyword research is no longer important.  The fact is keyword research is more important than ever.  With so many businesses trying to rank and be found for the same words it’s important to do your homework to find keywords in your industry which will be easier to rank for when you start.

  2. The second is actually the opposite issue concerning keywords.  Some content writers believe they can place a ton of keywords throughout their article and that alone will get them ranked in the SERPS. (Search Engine Result Pages).  Again this is incorrect.  That process is known as keyword stuffing or spamming.  Google has taken such a stance against spamming the internet that have forms online that allow online visitors to turn your site into them for reviewing if you keyword stuff.
  3. How Low Quality Links Affect Your Site

    Since most people that have a website have heard the phrase ” Content is King and Linking is Queen”, they believe all links to their site are created equal.  This is a myth that may get your site de-indexed if you fall prey to bad seo techniques.  Your goal should be high quality, natural backlinks.  You achieve this through links back to good content.  Instead of finding back links to your site, write the highest quality content possible on high trending subjects that others will instinctively link to.

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