Ad Agency Testimonials and Reviews

ad agency reviewsLooks GREAT !!
I just watched it my new commercial – “Going for Gold”, a few times….Good job.
Bill G. – Mattress Corner

Thanks for everything you do. I really feel like we’re moving in the right direction now with our marketing. I know the website is working because we’re getting business from places I wasn’t before.
Joe T. – Thomas Fence

I love the way my new logo looks on my commercial.
Charlotte K. – Creative Karpet and Kitchen Designs

Hey Guys! I really like your video…I know you are quality but, this video really brings across a quality look.. Bob
Robert K. – regarding Creative Karpet and Kitchen Designs Summer Commercial on Facebook

The website adPRO built works great for me. 85% of my business comes from my site.
Joe K. – Kangas Home Improvements

A note from John R. of Senga Safety Services to a vendor concerning a brochure built by adPRO
“Thank you for your response, since I have the world’s best graphic designer working on this for me, it would probably be best if she answered the questions, I have forwarded this on to  debbie@adproincorporated.com and hopefully Debbie will get back to you with what works best. Thank you so much.”

This is what one client had to say about their television script:
I freaking love it!  That is why they pay you the big bucks.  LOL
Roll with it!

This message was sent to us about one of the websites we built for a client:
I was searching the web for more information on home security when I came across your site. While I was browsing your site and I noticed that you have a fantastic resource page kangashomeimprovements.com/resources.html. It is full of valuable resources.