3 Proven Methods to help choose your website design in Maryland.

In Maryland website design has changed over the years.

First small businesses throughout Maryland used sites as online brochures. Very basic and hard to find unless you knew the url. Then as web design became more popular the sites became flashy. Literally flashy, with blinking lights, scrolling messages and many colors. As the web matured these unsophisticated methods took the shape of professional brands. Once again this grew into something more intricate. Videos playing before entering a site, Popups, pop unders and more all designed to grab your attention. Although this seemed desirable site owners soon learned they were losing visitors. Designers were not considering how the visitor would use the site. Developers were thinking about if an average visitor would be able to find what he was looking for. This was not helpful to business.

There isn’t any “one size fits all” solution for web design.

Your website design choice should  be based on your users. Each website design structure has its own pluses and minuses, together with its own target demographics.
For these and other reasons, it’s a wise decision to first learn who your audience is and get the larger picture. 
And then test, test and test. Then you will be ready to choose your website design in Maryland.

Here are three popular considerations when building your website:

1. What is the age of your audience? How much exposure to the internet have they had? Are they a more mature audience and willing to read more content? Or is a younger group that skims a page only stopping to read if something catches their eye?

2. Is your site primarily used on a mobile or desktop device? This will have design implications that you should  address from the onset.

3. What is the purpose of your site? Will you be selling products from it? If so you need to consider the product database, as well as, things like your payment gateway. These sites also cost more so you need to establish a budget for the project.

It’s in no way an exhaustive list, however these above are the items experienced web designers will consider when building a site. Considering these factors and others will give you a successful revenue generating website. When you’re ready to build a website for your Maryland business adPRO will be waiting to assist you. Call us 410-326-3909!

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