Your website doesn't need to cool, sexy or high tech but it DOES need to work.

It Needs To WorkWhen adPRO designs your site we don't get caught up on the first "shiny thing" that comes along. We stay focused on the task of bringing you business. Trendy doesn't = higher revenue. At every step we reevaluate from a marketing perspective from the users (BUYERS, CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS) point of view. We are logical about the process. It doesn't make sense to have a website that can do lots of tricks if nobody is using the tricks to reach the end of the funnel and buy your product, or hire you for your services.
Why do some designers create in this fashion?
Because our clients (that's you), NOT your clients (the ones paying your bills) are impressed by it. They see these designs and imagine the name of their company in big billboard sized lights. When we rationally think about this we know it's silly but neither client or designer can help themselves.


This doesn't mean you can make your website do cool tricks 
Do your homework, research and test how your customers are using your website before and after a design.  There are plenty of heat map applications or ways to AB test. If you think you can't afford these things... ask yourself how long you can afford to lose business from having an unusable website.  At the very least do some research and find case studies on what happened when other companies used these features.
Remember... If It Aint Broke, Don't Fix It, and All That's Shiny Is Not Gold!

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